3-D4K Holographics

TelePresence Tech leads a global consortium of companies to deliver the ultimate communications solutions with three dimensional imagery and the highest image quality of 4K resolution. Our holographical solutions have the qualities of three dimensions without needing 3D glasses or VR headsets.

Website : www.3-D4K.com

3D Telepresence

TelePresence Tech produces dynamic three dimensional communication solutions with people appearing at life-size with eye contact. It is the only company in the world with patented rights for the direct view of video imagery of people appearing three dimensionally in front of a superimposed background in real time for live two-way communication.

Website : www.3dtelepresence.com

Holographical Reality

TelePresence Tech has invented Holographical Reality™ that overcomes the limits of three dimensional images contained within sheets of holographic film. Holographical Reality™ displays live transmissions of people to appear three dimensionally at life-size from head-to-toe within a room for real time interaction with users. Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or the HoloLens Mixed Reality, Holographical Reality™ does not require the user to wear a headset.

Website : www.holographicalreality.com

Immersive Telepresence

TelePresence Tech designs and creates amazing three dimensional experiences that immerse people within dynamic and interactive multimedia environments. Our experience includes large scale projects around the world for international corporations and global events.

Website : www.immersivetelepresence.com

Telepresence Centers

TelePresence Tech has the experience to deliver cloud based telepresence communications solutions from contact centers. Our solutions include live video transmission of customer service representatives appearing with eye contact, video call routing, intelligent selection of recorded video responses, real time collaboration, video recording of sessions, complete analytic reporting and much more.

Website : www.telepresencecenter.com