TPT Telehealth Solutions

The Problem
There is an inherent problem in providing medical advice through telehealth without seeing a patient face-to-face. A licensed doctor connecting with a patient by web, phone or mobile device may not be able to effectively diagnose a medical condition or prescribe the right medications.

The Solution
TelePresence Tech has a long history of designing, developing and delivering telehealth solutions that transmit a physician to appear life-size for a face-to-face interaction with a patient while making eye contact.
TelePresence Tech produced, in quantity, Eye-Contact Transmission Systems and Life-Size, 3D Display Carts for the US Army.

Numerous medical institutions have used our eye contact transmission systems, including Kaiser Permanente.

The TelePresence Tech transmission systems capture a high definition video image with a beamsplitter rig to position the camera view at eye level for transmitting the physician with aligned eye contact.

The TelePresence Tech telehealth solution is more than a video conference application. It is an integrated collaboration solution that can be integrated with medical diagnostic devices.

The TelePresence Tech Holographical Reality™ solutions display a transmitted physician to appear three dimensionally within an exam room. The life-size, live video image with eye contact provides the ultimate sense of presence.

The TelePresence Tech Holographical Reality™ technology has been specified for the Wellness Services to be delivered at the Buffalo Pacific Community Portals.