Holographical Reality Awarded

Granted US Patent

TelePresence Tech has been awarded a US Patent for its invention of the ultimate experience of live interaction in real time with people transmitted to appear three dimensionally in the room for natural human communication with aligned eye contact. TelePresence Tech is the only company in the world with the intellectual property rights for this innovation of Holographical Reality.

The Human Connection

This latest patent is the 14th US patent granted to TelePresence Tech for its advanced telepresence and innovative Holographical Reality technologies.

The live appearance of a person transmitted to be in the same room establishes a human connection that feels natural even though the people may be thousands of miles apart.

Professional Applications

Holographical Reality provides professionals with an impressive method for delivering their services to any location with the display module.

This expands the reach of the service company beyond their geographic limitations of potential customers.

In addition to meeting in person face-to-face with their clients, they can display supporting visuals that will appear three dimensionally for greater clarity and in depth understanding.

Integrated Communications Technologies

The Holographical Reality solution extends beyond telepresence by integrating technology using video recognition, audio recognition and physical sensors to initiate programmed responses.

This, in combination with a live real-time communication, augments the interaction to achieve an intelligent response.

Published March 29, 2018