Architectural Telepresence

Standing Inside the Immersive Experience

TelePresence Tech has been awarded US PATENT # 9,628,754 for its telepresence invention for people to be transmitted to appear life-size holographically in architectural spaces to interact in real time with eye contact.

This invention revolutionizes the telepresence field by creating architectural spaces that embody the technology to superimpose transmitted people to appear at life-size within the room with participants.

This is different from traditional telepresence systems where the transmitted images of people appear on flat monitors.

In the architectural telepresence solution there is no visible audio visual equipment as the Holographical Reality experience is within the walls and ceiling of the room.

The first application of the TelePresence Tech patent is in this Community Portal by Buffalo Pacific. This 8,000 sq. ft. building in Troy, Ohio is currently under construction with completion set for November 2017.

Buffalo Pacific plans to start construction on 13 more Community Portals in 2018 with the ultimate goal of 10,000 Portals in the United States.

Published August 15, 2017