Holographical Reality™

The Challenge
Today many people expect to use their mobile devices to get whatever they need instantly over the Internet. However, the reality is that there are still many requirements for people to travel in person to the location of professional services. This travel can be a significant distance from suburban and rural locations to the city center professional services buildings.
The New Reality
Video conferencing and webchat are not adequate for medical exams, personal consultations and many other professional services. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality require the customer to wear a headset, which makes it impossible to have a conversation with eye contact.

The solution is Holographical Reality™, which transmits a professional services provider to appear three dimensionally at life-size in the room with a customer to interact in real time in a natural interaction with eye contact – without needing 3D glasses or a headset.
Holographical Reality™ Portals
TelePresence Tech has patented the technology for establishing Portals. These Portals can be located in suburban and rural locations to provide direct access to professionals across the nation. These Portals include prefab units that can be assembled within a few hours at public locations. The Portals have been designed to be integrated into trailers, trucks, mobile homes, shipping containers, exhibition displays, medical exam rooms and a range of innovative structures.

Furthermore, TelePresence Tech has drawn upon its “TelePresence Architecture” patent to support Buffalo Pacific with the Holographical Reality™ solution for its Community Portals. The first building is under construction and more are in the planning stages as they progress toward 10,000 Community Portals to be completed in the upcoming 10 years.