Face to Face Recruiting

The Challenge

Recruiting companies have conducted initial interviews using Skype or other web video applications. Even though this is convenient, the quality of the video is unreliable and the image of the applicant is undesirable. The challenge is to provide a way for recruiting companies to conduct professional interviews over a distance.

The Solution

The solution is to establish meeting rooms in regional locations where an applicant can sit down to have a face-to-face interview through 3D telepresence to the recruiting company’s headquarters location.

Manpower has established recruiting rooms with the optimal lighting and acoustic conditions for conducting an interview.

This TelePresence Tech conference system generates a face-to-face interview with the participants at life-size for real time interaction with eye contact.

Manpower Virtual Video Recruiter in French with English subtitles.

The TelePresence Tech technology has been adopted by Buffalo Pacific for their Community Portals where people will be able to enter a room to be connected to recruiting companies for interviews with the optimal telepresence communications technology. The first Buffalo Pacific Portal is currently under construction with others in the planning in their goal of establishing 10,000 Portals in communities around America in the next 10 years.