TelePresence Tech offers a complete range of integrated turn-key telepresence solutions that offer industry leading advantages and capabilities. We are the only company able to offer direct view, high clarity images in 3D, and direct eye contact for meeting participants. The effect is visually stunning and removes the elements of technology for meeting participants such that a 'real sense of presence' is established. This allows meeting participants to focus completely on the task at hand and communicate with each other just as if they were in the room together. Studies have shown that the real sense of presence delivered by TelePresence Tech solutions are preferred by users of video conferencing and most closely mimic physically present meeting participants.

Our systems range from fully immersive telepresence rooms capable of handling large groups up to 11 to systems designed for desktop use delivering a single person. The TPT line offers a complete range of systems delivering 3D with direct eye contact alignment. For applications when 3D imaging is not required we have the Eye-to-Eye line where all systems deliver alignment for direct eye contact between meeting participants.