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Global Experience

Imagine stepping into a room that is shared with a different part of the world. You might be in Chicago but the person in the room with you is actually in London. You both make eye contact and see each other life-size within the three dimensional space as you interact naturally. TelePresence Tech has perfected this global human experience. Our technology is integrated into the room design so that the people see each other without an awareness of the equipment and display technology.

Focusing Sound

You have probably heard kiosks in public spaces that blare out audio. Even though the principle of sound is to radiate outward, TelePresence Tech has invented a technology for focusing sound to the position of a person standing at a kiosk. We have produced kiosks that provide clear audio to the user while remaining inaudible to people in close proximity. Our technology is ideal for video enabled ATM machines, video bank tellers and kiosks in public venues.

TelePresence Architecture

Financial institutions need to have branches in communities for their customers to meet with their loan officers and wealth management experts to conduct business. However, it is not practical to have these highly paid professionals available at all times in every branch. We have developed the ultimate solution with our partner, Buffalo Pacific. We have designed buildings that have TelePresence Tech systems for experts to transmit into the branch to meet with customers.

TelePresence Tech Engine

The field of "telepresence" has required expensive solutions that are multiple electronic devices interconnected with complex programming requirements. TelePresence Tech has solved the problem by developing a telepresence "Engine" that performs all the functions of live video communication, interactive high definition video, second monitor for collaboration, powering LED lighting and control of peripheral devices in one compact unit.