Teleportel Europe

The Global Solution
Duffie White has partnered with Luc De Backer of Teleportel in Brussels, Belgium since the founding of TelePresence Tech in 2004. Since then TelePresence Tech has produced hundreds of advanced telepresence systems and Teleportel has been the European distributor. Together TelePresence Tech and Teleportel have installed systems in over 30 countries around the world.

TelePresence Tech has invented and patented “Holographical RealityTM” to display live video imagery for viewing without 3D glasses or VR headsets. Teleportel is implementing our Holographical RealityTM solutions in Europe.

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Teleportel is partnered with TelePresence Tech in the international 3-D 4K Consortium. Website :

Teleportel is located in Brussels, Belgium
website :