Buffalo Pacific

TelePresence Architecture
Buffalo Pacific has designed buildings to provide services from professionals throughout the country to be transmitted to their “Community Portals” to meet face-to-face with customers through the use of the TelePresence Tech “Holographical Reality” technology.

TelePresence Tech has invented and developed an innovative solution called “TelePresence Architecture”. Our Holographical Reality technology has been integrated into the design of buildings. The display technology is extended into the walls and ceiling so that a person stepping into the rooms of the building will see transmitted people appearing to stand in the room in front of them.

Buffalo Pacific has designed a landmark building with classic elegance and futuristic Holographical Reality communications technology.
The Buffalo Pacific Portals have been developed to provide a full range of professional services for people within their community. The Financial Services wing gives customers access to financial advisors, wealth managers, business attorneys, family legal advisors and other professionals from cities around the country. The Wellness Wing provides access to a national physicians groups for routine check-ups, second opinions, follow-up sessions, psychiatric evaluations, family counseling, and many other medical services. The central area has an Omni-Campus which bridges the gap between the on-campus programs and the limited participation of on-line programs to achieve an engagement between the instructor and the in-person interaction with students.

The first Buffalo Pacific Portal is now under construction. Additional Portals are under development. The goal is to complete 10,000 Buffalo Pacific Community Portals in the next 10 years.
For more information go to the Buffalo Pacific website. www.buffalopacific.com/omni-branch_community_portal/