AIM Holographics

Located in West Palm Beach Florida, Artistry in Motion Holographics is an authorized US reseller of TelePresence Tech products. AIM has a wide range of the TelePresence Tech Holographical Reality systems available for demonstrations.

Since the invention of holographic film in the 1970’s there has been a fascination with viewing images that appear to float in space without needing to wear 3D glasses. However, the holographic images are restricted to the area of the sheet of holographic film and cannot contain any visual content other than the images exposed on the film. AIM Holographics promotes and sells the TelePresence Tech “Holographical Reality” solutions to display live video imagery for viewing without 3D glasses or VR headsets.

AIM Holographics recently installed a TelePresence Tech Lectern at the Nova Southeastern University in Florida. The TPT Lectern can display a professor from another of their campuses to conduct a lecture for a class. The professor appears life-size in the classroom and can make eye contact with the students for a compelling educational experience. Nova also purchased a TPT Showcase that displays three dimensional imagery in 4K resolution generated by the students.
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